Deacons Corner

A Deacon provides Pastor with daily support in his role as shepherd of our congregation.
We would like to explain a little bit about the program itself in order to give you a better understanding as to the purpose, duties and responsibilities of a commissioned Deacon.

The purpose of the Lay Leadership Training Program is to develop and maintain an ongoing series of courses using qualified LCMS pastors and teachers to train lay persons, through a prescribed series of courses, enabling them to become certified by the Pacific Southwest District to assist pastors and congregations in carrying out the Great Commission.

The Lay Leadership Training Program requires the Deacon Candidates to attend a series of ten courses which include: Old Testament, New Testament, Doctrine, Care-Giving, Leadership Skills, Lutheran History and Polity, Evangelism and Assimilation, Teaching the Faith, Worship and Homiletics. Each of these courses is 6-10 weeks in length and requires passing marks in each of the classes to qualify as a Deacon. As a graduate of the Training Program the Deacons work in a variety of areas of service in the church including but not limited to the following:

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